Jay Mankita

Jay Mankita is a Northeast-based Americana songwriter and recording artist. A celebrated songwriter, innovative guitarist, and upbeat, often hilarious touring performer, who truly engages, inspires, and entertains.

Jay has recorded 6 albums, performed in over 1500 venues, and has recently seen 3 of his iconic songs, 'Living Planet', 'I Am A Dolphin', and 'From A Dog's Stance', in the new 'Rise Again’ songbook, the follow-up to the much-loved ‘Rise Up Singing’ collection. 

A unique and refreshing talent, well off the beaten path, yet still strongly rooted in folk and acoustic traditions, Jay's songs move with positive grace, from the sublime and beautiful, through the topical and political, to the humorous and absurd, leaving audiences enriched and inspired.

He's also a dad, a tetherball champion, an environmental educator,  a budding piano player, a foot percussionist, and a Putumayo Artist, with songs performed and recorded by artists worldwide.

phone: 413-627-3145                                       email: jay@jaymankita.com