Halloween Concert

* pre-concert CDs & guides so kids can learn the songs before the show 

* indoor shows include colorful images & lyrics projected on the screen

* sound system and all equipment included

* optional class visits or veggie-van tours

Skeleton Bones & Pumpkin Pie

This is a concert of songs and stories with a seasonal, Halloween focus.

The songs presented in the show are all participatory. Most of the pieces are funny, and they are about scary things, rather than being scary themselves. 

You'll hear the classic Monster Mash, of course, as well as a song about making friends with your skeleton, one about a guy who turned into a pumpkin after eating too much pie, and of course, a love song to a mummy, 'Are You Loathsome Tonight'. You'll also hear the hip-hop song ‘I’m Not Scared’, plus the 'Scary Hokey Pokey', all designed to get everybody singing along, even you!

Its okay to get scared; everybody does sometimes. Talking to a friend, a parent, or a teacher can really help. Scary things become less scary when we share them, and especially when we sing about them!

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