Jay Mankita Concerts

"The blending, in fact, is what makes Mankita such an outstanding performer . . . Even within individual verses of the same song, Mankita will shift his voice from a Brombergian growl to a soft and mellow falsetto; pull his tempo from allegretto to a dramatic legato; from Windham Hillian wallpaper background to a snapping fret-slapping blues style. With his assortment of styles and voices, you never find your mind wandering."†

-†Jeremy Bloom, Schenectady Daily Gazette

Cliche Song (live)

Living Planet


When Death Comes Calling


Jay is available for house concerts, coffee house performances, festivals, and theaters.

"He's a musical pied piper; quick, nimble, and wonderfully crazy. He alternates complexity, simplicity, and hilarity, leading us to the most beautifully obvious conclusion; that we're all human, we're all in this together, and it's not so bad after all."

Margie Rosenkrantz, Director, The Eighth Step

"He tickles my melodic funny-bone." ††

- Ralph Litwin,†'Horses Sing None of†It

phone:†413-627-3145 † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † email:†jay@jaymankita.com ††