Holiday Concert

* pre-concert CDs & guides so kids can learn the songs before the show 

* indoor shows include colorful images & lyrics projected on the screen

* sound system and all equipment included

* optional class visits or veggie-van tours

The 12 Days of Recess

This seasonal non-religious, participatory concert features a combination of songs and stories, with themes of kindness, generosity, sharing, and peace. Some of the songs are funny, and others are more serious. 

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The material, both original and collected, comes from a positive, ethical perspective, and encourages an attitude of kindness and generosity towards ourselves and each other.

On the 12th day of Recess, my parents gave to me:

12 Plumbers Strumming

11 Vipers Typing

10 Frogs a-leaping

9 Ladies who can’t sing

8 Maids a-cleaning

7 Swans a-sinking

6 Pizza’s laden

5 Moldy things

4 Calling cards

3 French poodles

2 Ninja turtle gloves

And the Partridge Family CD

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